Reasons to choose me

  Ayush Sharma
  seeking a chance

Ayush Sharma is a Learner, Muscisian, and a Lot more than a normal homo-sepian.

Born: 19 November 1999(age: 19),
Height : 1.80m
Education : pursuing B.Tech.
Net worth : I can't afford my own domain. Enough said.

You are seeing old information
Don't worry, I am working on my portfolio.
Feel Free to contact me anytime.
Data Science Enthusiast.
With Python
I am very keen to work in the field of Data Science and Machine learning. I have prior experience with open source projects and some of my own projects in the same field.
Competitive coder
Working on this since a long time
I have been practicing it on various platforms like SPOJ and CODECHEF.
TIME person of the year(2006)
You were too
TIME selects the person with the most influence on year's news as TIME person of the year. For 2006, they chose a surprising figure : "YOU".
I know the above because I read
I read a lot
I read everything I can get access to : novels, reddit,quora, magazines and even the product labels. So it'll be safe for you to assume that I know a lot of random stuff. I cannot stress it enough why you should choose me for this reason only.
Extreme PJs
Sometimes people think I am funny
Honestly, lame jokes are hard work. They require a lot of imagination and creativity among other things.
Won't write it here
Invite me and I'll tell you why !
Dedicated and hardworking
Sounds cliche? I've data to support it
All my life, I've woken up at 5:00 AM. Sometimes, earlier than that.
Ayush Sharma
seeking a chance
Ayush Sharma is a student of Computer Engineering.

Born: 19 November 1999 (age: 19), Gwalior, India
Height : 1.58m

Net worth : I use Jio Phone, thats all